2013 Lunar Series Britannia - .999 Silver - Low Mintage - Britain's Silver Eagle

You are bidding on One (1) 2013 Lunar Silver Britannia. This is not the ordinary Silver Britannia.

For thefirst time in the British Royal Mint’s history, a pure silver, legal tender coin has been struck with a privy marked rim.
As the first example of the new lunar series, the 2013 “Year of the Snake” Silver Britannia bears the striking Chinese snake image on the actual rim of the coin. The rim of each 2013 Lunar Series Britannia is struck eight times with the iconic Year of the Snake emblem from the Chinese Lunar Calendar. The coin is noted for its high degree of luster and proof like finish. Aside from its historical significance, the new method of striking the rim makes these limited edition Britannias nearly impossible to counterfeit. The British Royal Mint had to develop and invent an entirely new Minting Process & Design to mint these coins.

You have an opportunity to purchase One (1) Silver “Year of the Snake Lunar Series” Britannia with a reported mintage of only 1 Million coins. Compare this to the Silver American Eagle. The US Mint sold over 5 Million Silver American Eagles in the first half of January 2013. Compare this also to the ordinary 2013 Silver Britannia. The ordinary 2013 Silver Britannia has an unlimited mintage meaning they will minted to demand. If you are concerned about the price
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