2013 Mercury Dime 1oz Silver Comemorative Bullion Coin

.999 1oz Silver Bullion. Makes the Mercury dime look nice and big. Minted this year. It is commemorate the Mercury Dime series.===========================================================Welcome to Pirate’s Cove Coins! Shop till you drop, we love to hear those bags rumbling. Few things to remember: We do not give refunds on graded coins, you get exactly what is in the photo. On ungraded coins or other items, we give you 7 days to return the items after you receive them unless otherwise stated in the description. We do not pay for return postage, and please return item exactly as you received it unopened (if in a container) to get a refund. All winners must pay in 48hrs, the item will be shipped the next business day after payment is received. We accept paypal. We do report winners that do not pay.We will give you a 5 star rating and we hope you will return the favor. If you have an issue please contact us, we will try and help if it is possible. Cheers matie, and