Winner gets my business card, plus an invitation to watch our live broadcast. This is a Live half case break of 2013 Panini Elite football on Monday July 22nd at 9:30pm (est).. -The same night that the auctions end. so PLEASE pay before we start!-or teams will be forfieted and RE-SOLD before the break.

you also get every card from the team in this auctions title card in within the contents of the grab bag,

Shipping is $3.99, each additional team is $ .99... ... This Auction Complies with the New eBay Rules and Regulations Feb. 2013. -this auction has been reviewed and approved by the SafeHarbor Group for Grab Bag Auctions �

This is NOT a chance auction ** Please Read Multicard Rules below- the have been modified to better serve you***

Extact item you will Recieve: -My Business Card, Plus If the bidding exceeds $0.99,

-You get every card in the break from the team listed in this auction. Contents of the grab bag: - ALL baseball cards from half case (6x boxes). I will be breaking the boxes live. There will be 24 hits, at least 12 will be auto hits. The winner of this auction will have the option of being there, with all of us, while I open and sort the cards in these boxes. Again, you get ALL the cards from the team listed in THIS auction.

* Please pay for your teams before we start
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