2013 Topps BRYCE HARPER Rookie Patch Card plus 1972 Mini Card Washington Nats!

Due to the economy, I have decided to start selling off my sports memorabilia collection. I have been collecting since 1967, and have amassed a ton of sports cards, stadium give aways, pocket schedules, autographs, pennants, and god knows what else. I plan on listing about 50 items a month, all with low starting prices, so bookmark me as a favorite seller, and you'll be sure to find some bargains. Please don't let the lack of feedback scare you, as I have just started this account for sports memorabilia only. I have been selling concert T shirts, CDs and other items on E.bay for years, (seller accounts knflchamp4c04, and 34sweetness34bears) and have only had one negative feedback in 3000 transactions.
In my auctions, the card you are bidding on is ALWAYS the exact card you see in the scan!!! I do not "grade" cards, I leave that to the pros, but as I built my collection, I have paid close attention to condition. There will be some very grading worthy cards coming up for sale at non-graded prices.
SPECIFIC TO THIS AUCTION: A NICE PAIR OF 2013 BRYCE HARPER CARDS HERE! No issues on the back. Pack to Sleeve Condition. White spots are just dust specks on my scanner. BARELY TOUCHED..FROM PACK TO PENNY SLEEVE TO TOP LOADER.
If you are looking for anything in particular, please feel free to e.mail me. As I said,
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