2013 Topps 5 cards & Bonus Tribute 2box case break - Orioles

YOU ARE BIDDING ON 5 GUARANTEED Topps cards from the team mentioned in the title. As a BONUS I am opening up 2boxes of 2013 Topps Tribute Baseball and any cards that come out of the team mentioned in the title are yours as a bonus. This auction does not violate any ebay policies as you are buying 5 cards from Topps, various brands of Topps, but you are getting 5 cards from Topps GUARANTEED!!! S ome simple rules to follow are: 1) Any card or cards that come out of the box will go to that person who has won the auction for that team. 2) The team listed on the card for the player is the team that will be used.
3) Team Auction are a great way to get high dollar cards for the fraction of the price.
4) Any teams that are not sold at end of auction will be added to my collection. 5) The links to watch the break is below. Shipping is $3 in the USA and $8 to Canada

PLEASE READ!! IMPORTANT BREAK INFORMATION!! We will conduct the break as soon as the auction is over. Once you have paid, we will send you a link for the break. Payment must be received within 24 hours of auction ending. If you do not pay within 24 hours, you forfeit your team/s and they will be added to my collection!! This is where ebay will be notified of non-payment. There is no trades of cards from your collection for a team spot. I accept credit cards over

THE FASTER YOU PAY, THE SOONER YOU CAN SEE YOUR CARDS YOU WON!!!!!!! If you bid on multiple teams, please wait until the auction is over and we send you one invoice for all purchases. What if a multi-player card is pulled?
A: I will randomize it on among the teams shown on the card. If you own 50% or more of the card, the card is yours!!! If there are 2 Yankees and 1 Red Sox, then the Yankees would get the card. If no one owns 50% or more of the card, will be used. If there are 8 teams, there will be 8 entries in the randomizer. 1 per team will be represented.

For the break to be viewed here is the link:



I will send a message to everyone when all the auctions end and let you know when the break will take place and what time.

Thank you and

Configuration: 4 boxes per master case. 6 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

It's time to pay Tribute to the start of the 2013 MLB season with Topps' first high-end release of the year.

Tribute will feature the top MLB stars and retired greats on beautiful Tribute technology. The 2012 edition will contain the autographs and relics that you have come to expect from Tribute, with a number of unique, attractive additions!
- 3 Autographed Cards Numbered to 99 or less
- 3 Relic Cards Numbered to 99 or less
Autographed Cards
Cards will be signed on card and sequentially numbered to 99 or less.
- Blue Parallel numbered to 50.
- Sepia Parallel numbered to 35.
- Orange Parallel numbered to 25.
- Gold Parallel numbered to 15.
- Red Parallel numbered to 5.
- Purple Parallel numbered 1/1.
- Framed Printing Plates (signed on
- the plate) numbered 1/1
- Onyx Parallel (signed in silver pen) numbered 1/1.
Tribute To The Stars Autographed Cards
Autographed cards of top retired and active stars. Cards will be sequentially numbered to 24.
- Purple Parallel numbered 1/1.
Tribute To The "Best Of The Best"
Autographed cards of top retired and active stars who were/are among the best at their respective positions. The front of each card will have a unique material associated with their specialty. Sequentially numbered to 5. NEW!
- Pitchers - Card front will be a baseball wit...
... read more