2013 Topps Supreme Baseball 5Box 1/4Case! LOS ANGELES DODGERS! Break Live!

BREAK: 2013 Topps Supreme 5 Box Live
**This is not a chance auction. Listing follows all eBay policies and procedures.* *If you have any questions at all regarding this listing, please ask before bidding.*
The winner of this auction will get an empty team bag. I will also be opening 5 boxes of 2013 Topps Supreme Baseball live on camera. If the auction sells for more than $0.99, I will include all the cards from the team listed in the description from the live break. NOTE: WE HAVE SWITCHED BREAK CHANNELS : The video will be recorded LIVE on our channel: breakers.tv/cardboardhobby. If you happen to miss the break, it will be on our channel after the break has finished or on our website. The first team shipped will be $3.00. Each additional team will cost $.50 to ship. If you win multiple teams, please wait for me to send you an invoice once all auctions have finished.
All live breaks will be done the night the auction is ending. I will be doing my best to start the live break at 9:30PM EST. Everyone will have ample time to pay and ask questions prior to the break. We MUST have your payment by 9:25 EST.
If a card with multiple players on the card is pulled, the majority owner of the teams on the card will win the card. If there is no majority owner the card will be randomized on (5 That will be done live at the
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