2014 LEGO City Christmas Advent Calendar 60063 NEW

I have the Friends Advent calendar set listed too. Thanks! LEGO City Advent Calendar Set You can count down the merry days until Christmas with the LEGO City Advent Calendar Set. The girl mini figure can post a letter to Saint Nick using the mailbox, build a snowman, head to the Christmas market and go ice skating with her friend. The police are occupied building a sled to capture the crook who stole the presents and recover the gifts before the big gift exchange around the Christmas tree. After they place the criminal in handcuffs, it's time for a celebration feast with an especially jolly guest of honor. This 218-piece set comes with plenty of holiday fun. Product Highlights You can help the boy and girl mini figures send a letter to Santa Claus in the mail Build a snowman, and then send the mini figures to the Christmas market to buy fruits, croissants, pie or other fun holiday foods The cops will have to hurry and build a sled to catch the crook before he gets away with the gifts! The police dog runs ahead to try to stop the burglar After the police handcuff the criminal, the townspeople can exchange gifts around the Christmas tree This fun 218-piece set will help your little one get in the holiday spirit and imagine fun wintry adventures What's Included Woman mini figure Two policemen mini figures Santa mini figure Girl mini ... read more