2014 lucky money

Up for auction is the Year of the Horse Lucky Money sets from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP). This is a very collectable us $ 1 note. "The Horse is one of 12 zodiac symbols associated with the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Some Chinese believe their fate is closely tied to the zodiac symbols in the year in which they were born. This Lucky Money Note package features an uncirculated $1 note with a serial number beginning with “8888.” May the “Year of the Horse” note bring you good fortune and success. This product is limited to 88,888 notes available for sale." The picture is a sample. you will get it with different serial number also beginning with "8888xxxx"This is such as a good gift for your child or for your own collection. Thank you for watching. Good Luck. No international shipping.

update noticed to winner. Due to the BEP annual year end shut down. the lucky money is delay to 4~ 5 weeks delivery. therefore the winner if you want to wait that will be great, another hand you just don't have to pay while auction is end and i will send you a cancellation request. have a happy holiday. Dec 21 2013