This auction is for 1 self-sealing team bag. As a bonus youwill receive all of the cards of the team listed in the title from 1 full case + 1 additional box of this product.
Watch the case break live on youtube at /watch?v=AEy5RbXDbPo The case is currently scheduled to be opened on: 12/3/14 at 11:00 AM PST Please note the manufacturer may change the product release date which might change the scheduled break date and time.
RULES!!! 1. Due to the nature of this auction, no returns are accepted. The only exception is in the event that no cards are pulled for this team from the case(s). 2. You will receive ALL cards of the team listed in the title provided all teams listed for the player(s) are of this team. 3. In the event that there are multiple teams listed on the card, the team will be randomly selected using . Only the teams listed on the card will have a chance of getting the card. If the team listed on the card is for a minor league, college, high school, etc.; the card will be randomized among all teams. 4. If there is a card with no team listed, that particular card will then be randomized and EVERY team will have a chance of getting that card regardless of what team the jersey shows. 5. If no cards are pulled from this break for the team listed above, you will receive a refund of your full amount.
If you have

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