2015 2oz Silver Libertad Proof *** Treasure Coin of Mexico***

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Throughout the years, Banco de Mexico, with the support of the Casa de Moneda - the Mexican mint house, first of its kind in the Americas, founded in 1535 - has participated in the numismatic markets with different programs of precious metal coins and medals.
In time, this has become an activity of great tradition which enjoys the quality, art and beauty that the craftsman mould into each of the minted pieces. All the coins that integrate this series are an expression, both of the traditions and the cultural wealth that Mexico offers to the world.
2015 2oz Libertad Proof
***Mexico's Treasure Coin***
2015 2oz Proof was the year that had a mintage ( a very limited mintage ) of only ( 1,300 ) for this two ounce Libertad.
The Libertad of today - a one ounce, .999 fine silver bullion coin, competes with the American Eagle and the Canadian Maple Leaf.
The 2015 2oz Proof issue will continued to enjoy appreciation, helped by the current rise in silver prices, and very low mintage.
The 2015 2oz Proof is a must for the avid collector of the Libertad series, because 2015 silver proof coins will be very, very limited this year.
As a note : With unrest in commodity prices, uncertainty in world
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