2015 Contenders Todd Gurley Auto RC

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Shipping Policy: �

* All cards are shipped In the condition you see in the picture.

* All cards are NR-MT/MT Condition.

� (Unless otherwise noted)

* My shipping charges are a little more than others but I do try my best to protect your card no matter if your card cost .99¢ or $99.00. � If you ever get the chance to win or buy one of my cards you will see what I mean. �

* Also eBay charges me to ship. � For example if I charge $2.61 eBay charges me, � � � � � 23¢ from my final fee value for that sale. � And the cost alone for shipping is $2.00+ with the recent shipping increase.

* I Ship 1 day after payment is received

* Please note: � Payment is due within 4 days after winning my auction. �

* If you have any questions please feel free to message me.

*International Shipping:

*� Please note that shipping from the U.S. To Canada might take some time. � I ship the day after payment is received.

* Please note seller is NOT responsible for International Shipping Fee's and Duties.

*� The Cost of shipping to Canada will vary. � It all depends on the weight and size of the package
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