2015 Hot Wheels RLC Gulf '67 Camaro - Free Ship Sold Out #3343 OF 4500 IN HAND

------------------------ In hand and ready to ship ------------- 2015 Hot Wheels RLC Gulf '67 Camaro. This a Redline Club exclusive car and sold out. Card has minor flaws and imperfections but displays nice and looks normal for these cards. The paint on the car has minor factory imperfections but this seems common and normal for these cars The car does have a factory flaw in the metal on the roof but it's not bad -- see pic Hot Wheels RLC Gulf '67 Camaro Redline Club exclusive 2015 release #3343 of 4500 made Real Riders rubber tires and mag wheels Spectraflame paint -- Paint may have some light factory imperfections if you look close enough. All of these cars I have seen did not come with flawless paint but this one seems to look good with minimal flaws and looks good The roof has a factory flaw in the metal but not bad - see pic Chrome metal base Good Year white letter tires No Reserve 1/64 scale Card had some imperfections on the lower corners but not bad and does look normal for these cars -- see pic Free Priority shipping in USA. Global shipping available