2015 Kilo Silver Mexican Libertad Coin .999 Fine Silver Bullion BU #A267

2015 Kilo Mexican Silver Libertad


2015 1 Kilo Silver Mexican Libertad

Uncirculated, In Airtight Capsule

Very Limited Mintage

Few Imported to the United States

.999 Fine silver Bullion

1 Kilo Total (1000g)

Direct from the Mexican Mint

Beautiful Artwork and Detailed Strike

Regarded as one of the finest Sovereign Mint bullion rounds in the world, the Silver Libertad first went into production in 1982 and is fabricated by the oldest mint in North America, Mexico City Mint (Casa de Moneda de México)

Libertads are kept to very low mintages, especially for world mint sovereigns and very low numbers of these mintages are imported into the United States for sale.

Kilo Silver Libertads in particular are not widely circulated and are desired for

their rarity and the detail of the strike and depth of the relief.
This is the first new mintage of kilo libertads since the 2012 year run.
None were produced in 2013 or 2014. Mintage numbers are not yet available for 2015, but are expected to be in the hundreds.

This .999 Fine Silver Bullion coin commemorates Mexican Independence and depicts the lady of Winged Victory holding broken chains of bondage and raising a laurel wreath high in triumphant celebration of freedom.
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