2015 New Orleans Jazz Festival Poster By Randy "Frenchy" Frechette S/N 856/2500

2015 "New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival " Signed & Numbered
By Randy "Frenchy" Frechette
Signed/Numbered 856/ 2500
Overall size 23 X 32

Big Chief Bo Dollis
Portrait of an Enduring Legacy
By Randy "Frenchy" Frechette

We've been asked over the decades to portray one of the Mardi Gras Indian Big Chiefs on a poster. We shied from it, with the exception of the 2006 Congo Square poster portrait of Big Chief Monk Boudreaux by Richard Thomas. That piece was more about Thomas' style than the incredible walking art form invented by these (mostly) men. Frankly, we were cowed by the idea of attempting to craft a literal vision of an original visual art form, one as uniquely American as jazz itself. Then we contemplated the inspirational life of Bo Dollis, Chief of the Wild Magnolias and we resolved to overcome the apparent obstacles.

We started work on our portrait of Theodore Emile "Bo" Dollis in August. He was not well, but we hoped he'd be here to bask in the event. Today, January 20th, 2015, the piece that Randy (Frenchy) Frechette finished more than a month ago became a memorial to this 71-year young great of the "new" generation of Indian Chiefs. These men eschewed the violence of the old Indian gangs, embracing instead competitive costuming & chanting. They rejected a culture of pain and advanced
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