2015 Topps Journey Star Wars Force Awakens Rainbow Color Parallel Lot

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2015 Topps Star Wars
Journey to Star Wars : The Force Awakens
We have here a color lot!
This is all the 'other' cards we had after
making sets and pushing everything on ebay!
This is a great start to a super master set of all the color parallel sets!
I will list the blue set here in detail and after just the numbers since they are all the same
just different color spectrum parallel.
Included Here:
Base (Blue) #1-110 (109 Cards Total here)
Only Missing One Blue Here #26 Old Ben's revelation
The others included in this blue lot are...
1 Negotiations gone wrong
2 Power of the Podrace
3 A sorrowful good-bye
4 No confidence in Valorum
5 The Sith return
6 Assassination: Failed
7 The mystery on Kamino
8 Supreme powers
9 The Battle of Geonosis
10 The Clone Wars begin
11 Battle over Coruscant
12 Rematch with Dooku
13 A wonderful secret
14 Stopping Grievous
15 Arrest gone bad
16 Order 66
17 Jedi vs. Jedi
18 Duel in the senate
19 Rise of Darth Vader
20 Looking to the future
21 The dreaded Darth Vader
22 The princess and the plans
23 Droids on the run
24 Jumped by Jawas
25 A fateful decision
27 Creature cantina
28 Han Solo
29 Luke's first lesson
30 The end of Alderaan
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