New 2015 Version XL-5 ESC Waterproof Speed Controller w/ LVC Slash 58034

NEW Traxxas Slash XL-5 ESC, 2015 edition.

Waterproof Electronic Speed Controller.
Now a low profile version. With advances in circuitry no need for the external heat sinks. All the function of the original Xl-5 but in a more compact lightweight package.

This version of the XL-5 ESC comes with a Low Voltage Cutoff (LVC) setting for 2s Lipos.
The 2015 version has the new Traxxas ID plug. It fully compatible with the new ID plug system (Gen 2) and the original Traxxas High Current connector (Gen 1). The last picture shows how a ID male plug and a female Traxxas HC plug connect.
More information: /products/parts/accessories/hcconnector

(This Item Was Pulled From A New Slash RTR Model 58034)

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