2017 Topps Archives #62 Aaron Judge Rookie Card Yankess low combined shipping

Thanks for looking at my items. The card(s) in the picture are the ones up for auction. My shipping policy is as follows: $1 for 1-2 cards shipping, $2 for 3-4 card shipping (cardboard-supported envelopes) $3 for up to 25 total cards and $5 for unlimited shipping across any number of auctions / listings (in padded mailers). Don't get gouged by shipping costs of other vendors. My listings are really meant to have many individual purchases of the players you want combined together. In most cases, I am able to ship your item out within one day of receiving payment. Please look at my selling feedback and know that you will be taken care of in your transaction. I have many more listings, so please check out my collections page or scroll through my other auctions as I tend to list cards by players. Please let me know if you have any questions about these items or if you are looking for a particular card, star or common to round out a set. Please note that I had to list items at 0.99 to list as fixed price so... Make an offer if you feel that is best. Thanks for looking! - Dan Please note that I have another version of this same card in a fixed price listing.