2019-in-1 Games King Multigame JAMMA PCB KIT! New and Complete!

For sale is a 2019 -in-1 Games King Multigame JAM MA PCB KIT. It has games s uch as:
Street Fighter 1,2, Alpha 2, 3,EX 1 ,2 and 2 Pl us
Mortal Kombat 1,2, 3 and Ul timate Mortal Komb at 3
Kil ler Instinct 1,2
Pacman and other ver sions
Donkey Kong and Jr
Mario Bros
and many other games!
This i tem is brand new and never used! I opened th e box when i bought it just to see what was in there and make sure everything was right. I only bought it because i was having a Killer Instinct 2 arcade restored and i was wait ing on the P CB to arrive and i was running out of time. I ordered this to make sure i got the board i was looking for and 2018 other games as well didn't hurt. This item has only been looked at and never installed. So, this i s an open box, not used , only checked item. I f you have a cabinet that you w ere looking to make in to a multicade then this item would be perf ect! I can 't copy al l t he details you would need to see for this game including the list of all 201 9 games but i boug ht it f rom . On the site Then scroll down to 2019-in-1 Games King Multigame JAMMA P CB KIT and You can see ev erything it includes, what you will also need, all the 2019 games that it comes with and even reviews. This is the b est way to get all the details needed. I had an exact link
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