#2067-70 FD Program 20c 1984 Winter Olympics

13c 1984 Winter Olympics Stamps
First Day Ceremony Program
Mellone #2067-70-C1

The stamps depict four olympic events. They are:

Ice Dancing Alpine skiing Cross-country skiing Ice Hockey

This Program is in fine-very fine condition It will be an important addition to your collection. It could also be framed and displayed in your home or office.

Program Front

Program Center (Open)

For most U. S. stamps of the last 60 years, FIRST DAY CEREMONY PROGRAMS are a significant component of comprehensive collection. A ceremony is usually held at the official first day city for every stamp and postal stationery item. The city is usually selected for its relationship to the stamp's subject or because a philatelic event is occurring there. People related to the stamp's subject are often invited to attend the ceremony along with political and postal officials. These invited guests are usually listed in the program.

The Stamp Professor
APS #46981(LM #10966)--AFDCS--ASPPP--Rossica
Frederick G. Bean