20g 999 Fine Griffin Bullion Bank Silver Bar by Bullion Bank Mint

20g Bullion Bank 999

Silver Bar

This 20g Bullion Bank silver bar is minted from 999 or 9999 finest silver . That makes it among the purest, investment silver bars in the world. Small weight bullion is extremely liquid and have excellent resale sales record.

The bar design contains relief of Gryphon- Bullion Bank Mint Mark. Griffins are the symbol of intelligence and strength. Many European cities, counties or even states used the symbol of Gryphon. The bar has a weight of 20g, fineness of 999 and our trademark motto: "Silver is Money".

Gryphon was also thought of as king of the creatures. Griffins are known for guarding treasure and priceless possessions

*** We mint only 999 and 9999 purity silver products ***

****We do not produce clad or plated products!****

Please, follow us up as we will introduce many new products during our company launch in USA .


If the total for all your winning auctions is below $20, we ship by USPS Standard (Economy) Mail. Handling (packing time) is 3 days or less. However, USPS needs 2-10 days for delivery. Economy mail is not traceable by shipping number. This mail is hand sorted, in each USPS hub. Manual sorting might delay delivery time. More, USPS people are honest, there are no missing shipments or damage, on their side. We have
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