20''Giant Coca-Cola Hobbleskirt Coke Glass Bottle 1930s

You are viewing an Antique or Vintage Giant 20 inch tall Coca-Cola Glass Bottle. It has a 6 inch diameter base. On the bottom it has a circle with a diamond inside it, and t is an "I" inside the diamond. It is in near perfect condition.

This kind of bottle was typically made in the 1930's, and this one has been in my mother's possession for about 60 years.

It is a very light aqua color (more blue than green). On both sides it has the large "Coca-Cola" and on one side it states "TRADE MARK REGISTERED MIN. CONTENTS 6-FL OZS." and on the other side "TRADE MARK REGISTERED BOTTLE PAT'D DEC. 25, 1923". To clarify, even though this has "6-Fl Ozs" it is much larger than that, and it wasn't made in 1923, that style of bottle got its patent in 1923. My mom remembers them being displays in cafes, and my dad thinks they were given as prizes for buying so many cases of Coke.

My mother received this bottle when she was a child during the flood of 1947. During the flood (southeast Iowa) a neighbor of hers found this floating down the river, fished it out, and gave it to her. It is in amazing condition for being so old and floating down a river. The only blemishes on it are difficult to tell if they were manufacturing blemishes or little nicks. Ever since it was found it has been kept on a high shelf in our family home.

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