21 Antique 1940's CHEMISTRY LAB Glass Bottles+Stoppers


These old chemistry bottles are in excellent condition, showing no chips, nicks, cracks, hairlines, repairs or any other defects. Only one of them, the "ether" bottle, has internal stains from prior use which I am sure will clean up with no problem. All bottles have crystal stoppers with frosted stems and none of the stoppers are chipped or cracked. All of the bottles are labeled with debossed lettering except one which is plain. are the chemicals represented in this collection:

SMALL BOTTLES (5-1/2" to top of stopper)

Silver Nitrate (2) Amonium Sulfide Hydrogen Sulfide (2) Acetic Acid Ether Ferrous Sulfate (2) Fehling's Solution Iodine Solution Barium Chloride Lead Acetate Potasium Ferrocyanide Phenolphthalen Unmarked (plain) LARGE BOTTLES (7" to top of stopper)

Acetic Acid Diluted Nitric Acid Concentrated Ammonium Hydroxide Diluted Sulfuric Acid Concentrated Hydrochloric Acid All of these bottles were made by either TCW Co. (10) or Wheaton Co. (10) with only one bottle not identified as to manufacturer. They are in excellent condition and display beautifully.

Questions? Just ask! I try to reply to all emails within 12 hours. Low opening bid and no reserve means NOW would be a good time to bid to win!

S&H @ $12.50 via USPS
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