What you will get exactly Length : 21 Inches
Colour : Jet Black #1
Texture: Straight
the specification of 9 piece set as follow
One - 8" wide piece (3 clips attached per piece)
Two - 6" wide piece (2 clips attached per piece)
Two - 4" wide piece (2 clips attached per piece)
Four - 2" wide piece (1 clip attached per piece) Product Instructions Now you can have beautiful long hair in five minutes, without the cost and time at the hair salon every week. This hair set is a very suitable full head product. T are 9 hair pieces which are 21 inches long and made of 100% high quality Asian human hair. You do not need any special connecting tools, as the pieces clip on at the roots. You can wear or remove them at any time, whenever you feel the desire to have long, sexy hair! they match your own hair perfectly, so you never have to worry about being discovered . it is real human hair, you can also wash、dye 、curl and style it , never have to worry about damaging your own hair. why not Try it out for yourself now! The Quality of Hair All of our hair pieces are made of 100% human hair. You can easily see this for yourself when you receive your product. Simply remove a few strands of hair and burn them. Human hair has natural proteins, so when it is burned it is reduced to ash and produces a foul smell. synthetical
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