21 PC Wolfe Creek Circus Folk Art - Hand Carved and Signed 1980s

Please note the Green Arrows indicating the figures from this wonderful folk art series from the 1980s that I am offering for auction. Here is the list:

One Blue Circus Wagon #792

Red Circus Wagon #791

Red Circus Wagon #791

One White “Calliope” Wagon #794

Fat Lady

Clown #845

Lady Hanging by Teeth #842

Frame for Lady Hanging by Teeth #842

Clown with umbrella #846

Tiger Jumping through Ring of Fire

Magician Levitating Woman

Fire Juggler holding Two Ladies hanging upside down frompole

Strong Man with Barbells

Juggler Holding Rainbow Balls

Bear on Balancing Ball





These are wonderful whimsicle folk art wood carvings by Wolf Creek of Eldora, Iowa. They are also branded on the bottom:

“Wolf Creek, Eldora, IA”. From Wolf Creek: "The distinctive antique character of Wolf Creek Folk Art has long been legend throughout the country. Developed in the Heartland of America, each piece is designed with originality and historical authenticity, carved of fine wood, handpainted, antiqued by our unique process, and signed by artists. Truly, the individuality of Wolf Creek sets the standard above all other Folk Art and will be treasured from generation

These have been carefully stored and are in great condition. They are not new, they are from the 1980s. There is great humor and expression carved into these little guys! I would not use them as toys, and do not believe they were intended as such. They are collectible folk art. Some of the spokes on the wagon wheels are broken, but would be easily fixed. I believe that they could be easily reglued. All the other parts are present and fine - the painting is intended to be "primitive" style, and I do not see any wear and tear. I would prefer to sell this as a set, since it belongs together.

I am happy to answer any questions you might have about this wonderful set! If shipping turns out to be less than estimated, I will refund the amount over the cost. I always use delivery confirmation too.

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