2100 Yr Old First JEWISH Hebrew inscription High Priests of Israel, John Hyrcanu

2100 Yr Old First JEWISH Coin Ancient ISRAEL HebrewHigh Priests of Israel, John Hyrcanus I, 134-104 BCE

John Hyrcanus (Yohanan Girhan;[ citation needed ] Yohanan Hyrcanus – יוח� ן הורק� וס, Ιωάννης Υρκανός) (reigned 134 - 104 BC, died 104 BC) was a Hasmonean ( Maccabeean ) leader of the 2nd century BC.

Size: 14 mm; Weight: 1.7 grams; Material: Bronze.

With Certificate of Authenticity from David Hendin

Author of : Guide to Biblical Coins

All of the Hasmoneans issued small bronze prutahs with double-cornucopiae on one side and a Hebrew inscription on the other, as follows: "(The name of the Jewish leader) High Priest (Cohen Gadol) and the Community (Chever) of the Jews (Yehudim)." One interesting variety has a Greek "A" above the Hebrew inscription, possibly referring to an alliance made between John Hyrcanus and Alexander Zabinas (pretender to the Syrian throne) in 128 BCE. (#12)

#12 -Hasmonean prutah with double-cornucopiae and "A" (H-454)

MACCABEAN/HASMONEAN COINS Now, at last, we come to the first truly Jewish coins ... and a major debate over who issued what ... and when. The confusion arises over the ancient custom of repeating names often within a family. Thus, the difficulty of attributing coins inscribed "Yehochanan" (in ancient Hebrew) to John Hyrcanus I (135-104
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