21st Century - WWII 101st & 82nd Airborne Combo Pack

This is a rare combo pack of three NIB, 21st Century Toys, The Ultimate Soldier Collection, 101st Airborne Pathfinder 506th Parachute Regiment. An 82nd Airborne Divison Pathfinder (Normandy). And a 101st Airborne "Operation Market Garden".

Operation Market Garden was the second great battle the men of the 101st Airborne fought in the reclamation of Nazi occupied Europe. D-Day, Operation Overload was the Screaming Eagles' bitter and heroic debut in the European theater of war.

The Airborne Divisions at the End of D Day

A hard fight had been fought on D Day by the 82d and 101st Airborne Divisions-a fight that had not gone entirely according to plan and had cost heavy casualties. Not one battle but fifteen or twenty separate engagements had been fought.

Both divisions had had scattered drops, with varying losses in men and materiel. Initial dispersion was further aggravated by the Normandy terrain; the hedgerows made it difficult to assemble and still more difficult to coordinate the maneuver of units. Some units were completely unaware of others, fighting only a few hundred yards away. The groups were usually mixed, and men strangers to their leaders fought for objectives to which they had not been assigned. Still, the airborne operation was in general a success. Small groups of parachutists took
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