21st ULTIMATE SOLDIER Compatible 1/18 - German Kettenkrad - 3D printed

The Battleground Toys 3D printed Kettenkrad 38 unpainted model kit in 1:18 scale replicates many of the features found in the original. It comes in four pieces including the main body, front forks, driver's seat and a front tire. The tire snaps into the front forks with no glue and will rotate. The front forks snap into the main chassis with no glue and will turn left and right. The drivers seat can be installed for display or removed to make it easier to fit a driver. The driver compartment of the Kettenkrad was designed to fit a 1:18 action figure from either the 21st Century Ultimate Soldier Line or the Forces of Valor Bravo Team line. It may be necessary to remove the boots or lower leg portion of the figure for the best fit due to the foot pedals. ​ The Battleground Toys 1:18 German Sd. Ah. 1 trailer is also available to create a more authentic battlefield look. ​ Because the Kettenkrad and trailer served on almost every German theater of war, they can be painted in German Gray, Afrika Tan, Snow, Dunklegelb (Dark Yellow), or in many of the bi-color or the tri-color camouflage schemes used by the German army. ​ The German Sd.Kfz. 2 Kettenkrad was a very versatile vehicle used by almost all branches of the German army. It was a highly unusual design having a front end like a motorcycle and a tracked rear end much like a tank. ... read more