21x ALICE IN WONDERLAND 7x5 Prints TENNIEL & RACKHAM This is a set of twenty-one enchanting 7x5 inch matt photographic prints ready for mounting and framing. They are taken from Lewis Carroll's 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' first published in 1865 and 'Through the looking glass' first published in 1871. Each print measures 7x5 inches (178x127mm).
These black and white prints are increasingly hard to find and feature reproductions of the original and amazing illustrations by Sir John Tenniel and Arthur Rackham. They are of a very high quality, full of detail and would look superb adorning the walls of a child's nursery or bedroom, or even in schools and libraries.
John Tenniel was born in London in 1820, the son of a dancing master and fencing instructor. He studied at the schools of the British Royal Academy and at the Clipstone Street Art society. At the age of 16, he exhibited his first oil painting at the Society of British Artists. Arthur Rackham was born in London as one of 12 children. At 18, he worked as a clerk at the Westminster Fire Office and began studying at the Lambeth School of Art. In 1892 he quit his clerk job and started working for The Westminster Budget as a reporter and illustrator. His first book illustrations were published in 1893. From then, until his death in 1939, he illustrated innumerable
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