Here is a very pretty and nicely dressed with nice straw hat. This had a horseshoe mark on the back of the neck, I used to know what that stood for, but I cannot remember. This doll is 22 inches long and is in great condition except for one problem that I can see, there is a small "bump" (little chip) right smack in the middle of her lower lip, but this honey still displays great, kid body, blue paperweight eyes, she is looking for a good home!! DO NOT PAY VIA EBAYS INVOICE SYSTEM, THEY ARE WRONG MORE TIMES THAN NOT, WAIT FOR MY INVOICE!! Please excuse the higher handling cost, it is the only way ebay allows us to cover the cost of insurance, we sellers cannot afford to eat that cost, and once again, ebays stupid rules make it harder on seller and buyer alike. They just don't get it!!! INSURANCE WILL BE ADDED TO ALL ITEMS OVER 50.00. INTERNATIONAL BIDDERS ATTENTION: (NO EXCEPTIONS) All items, (regardless of weight) will be shipped either (A) Priority Mail or (B) Registered mail which is $10.80 in addition to shipping cost. The most economical option will be used. If it is $250 or more, it will be shipped EXPRESS mail, which can get expensive. This is to due to Paypal's rules, as there is no other way to verify delivery and I am getting tired of losing out because customs holds up or "loses" my packages. Paypal is prefered, but I ... read more