NEW 22" PINK 2 Hose Hookah Crystal style / PACKAGE DEAL

22" 2 Hose PINK Crystal Style Hookah
Hookah Base Hose Shaft Briefcase Tongs

New Arrivals:

This is a Beautiful 22” hookah. The vase is made out of glass, It contains a diamond cut design and transparent; allowing you to see through. Tfore, when you are smoking you have the delightful chance to see the movement of the smoke. W hat makes it one of kind is the wonderful look of crystal style body which you could screw it on to the vase preventing the vase from detaching or falling easily.The pipe (which goes inside the vase) is made out of stainless steel to prevent rust; it is screw on -easy to remove. The hose's diameter (inside) is big, which makes it easier and smoothly when you inhale. It measures approximately 40" long. The handle on the hose is made of wood, and to bring out the beauty the hose itself is made of PVC rubber and thread. The top ceramic bowl has the potential to handle high heat. Underneath the ceramic bowl t is a tray to prevent charcoal from falling. And it also comes with tongue to move the charcoal when is on, to prevent burning yourself. Dont think because its a 2 hose hookah its made for TWO people, the great thing about this hookah its that the hoses connectors have inside a stainless steel ball that it will only open when you inhale,(in other words) if only one person uses it the other
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