22Jul) 1940 ordnance survey map Kington map Hereford map Leominster

Date printed; 1940 Map title; Printed by; Ordnance survey for The War Office Map size;25x30inch Map scale; 1 inch to the mile Towns shown; At the end of May 1940 after the evacuation of British forces from France the threat of a Gerrman invasion of Great Britain was very real. The military turned to their maps of Great Britain, produced by the Ordnance Survey, and found them to be outdated and inadequate. Ordnance survey immediately began an intensive programme of updating the military sheets. The "War revision 1940" used the latest 1 inch scale civilian sheets with a military grid overprint and if there was time a few important revisions. The War revision maps were initial only issued for military use.The reference grid printed on the maps is the War office Cassini grid also known as the "WOFO" War office false origin grid. this appears at an angle to the sheet edges because the projection origins of the sheet edge and the grid differ by 1.5 degrees. In late summer 1942 Ordnance survey managed to convince the War Office to allow the publication of the " War Revision " sheets for civilian use.These were issued in the summer of 1943 with a red sticker in the bottom corner with " SALES COPY" apparently to stop military personnel from selling their free issue maps to the General public!


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