22K G.P. Cross Necklace w Nativity Stone New LARGE SIZE


Brand New. COMES WITH CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS, THEY DO NOT HAVE CERT. (COA) The cross is 22K Gold Finish and it comes with a matching 22" chain and a black satin rope cord. The cross is about 1 7/8 inches high, 1 3/8 wide and 1/8 inch thick, however the center is 3/8 inch thick. (Stone is sealed in a raised glass cover). This cross is perhaps the most spiritually connected symbol of Jesus Christ in the the history of the world. This Classic Nativity design embodies the Holy Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit at each tip of the Cross as three concentric circles are joined to form this classic shape. In the center is the 14 pointed Nativity Star, the symbol of Jesus that designates His exact birth spot in Bethlehem. The Stone is From the Church of Nativity, the Birth Place of Jesus, In Bethlehem. Inside the Church of Nativity, t is a Fourteen Pointed Star with a hole in it. As you look down through the hole you will be viewing the site Christ was born which is underneath the Church. This Stone came from the area beneath this Star. The Nativity Stones Foundation has aligned themselves with the Vatican Treasury and Jubliee 2000. The Jubilee is the Vatican's celebration of the 2000 year from Jesus Christ' birth and Nativity has been selected as one of only sixteen
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