22K Gold 1995-99 10 Gold Proof Replica First Day Covers

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Gold hits $1600 and is now selling around $1700 a troy ounce in August 2011!!! Gold keeps going up!!!

These ten (10) 22K Gold Replica Stamps are in great condition and will be unaddressed and addressed First Day Covers from the Postal Commemorative Society (PCS).

I've several different random lots of these 22k Gold US replica stamps from the PCS in great condition. These lots will be from 1995 through the year 1999, and the covers will all be different. Each lot sold will contain no duplications especially if you buy more than one of my lots at the same time. In fact, if you want you can send a list of your "missing covers" for this time period, and I will try to fill your requirements (NON-SET Covers only - "Sets" not included in this offer).

These First Day Covers originally sold for $5.95 each while gold was at around $500 per ounce versus the current "$1500 plus" per troy ounce. (You can go directly to the Postal Commemorative Society and they will sell these to you at $6.95 plus shipping & handling if they have them in stock.) Check the E-Bay sales of most of these individual Covers, and you will see that they selling for ~$1.00 plus ~$2.00 shipping minimum - a total of ~$3.00 per cover or more!!!

Copies of PCS informational cards
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