2319 Russia 5 Kopeks 1900 ФЗ Silver 500/1000 .89g .014oz Nicholas II 1894-1917

I accept PayPal.
Order of payment with PayPal:
Buy and
For example, if you want 5 items, postage for which each is $5.99, then buy and
For 5 items postage will be $29.95, but I will refund from $23.96 to $22.96 or $21.95 - depending on the size and weight of the coin.
So the total postage for 5 coins will be from $5.99 to $7.00
. Highbidders for multiple coins might save on mail.
I do combine postage only in one resource, I do not combine postages between american, german and british platfoms of eBay.
Mail to America goes 10-20 days but beofre Christmas and Easter even sometimes up to two months. I have time shortage and my english knoweledge is not good.
Im hardly able to answer all miscelaneous aspects so please e-mail me only about important things.
Please write in english (I do not speak english thou), latvian or russian languages of possible..