238 Ketchikeniqua S-5,1983 84,OA National Chief Flap,OH

This is an Order Of The Arrow, OA, patch. The Order Of The Arrow, OA, is the Honor Camping Society Of
The Boy Scouts Of America, BSA, B.S.A., and this item was produced to be worn on the Scouting Uniform.
The Order Of The Arrow, OA, was Originally known as the Wimachtendienk, and was formed into Lodges
by Name and Number and Originally Met Nationally at Grand Meetings what we now Call NOACs .
OA 238 Ketchikeniqua S-5,1983 84,National Chief Flap,OH, Light Brown, LBR, Rolled Edge, R/E, Border, Bdr.On Flap.
Plastic Back, PB, Flap. Swiss Loom Embroidery. THIS FLAP PATCH IS CRISP, PERFECT !!
White, WHT, Lettering, " 83 Home National, Lodge Chief 84 ", Horitzontal, HOR, Stitched Center Of Top Banner, Sky In
Bottom Flap Portion, and Snow On Violet, VIO, Mountains. Red, RED, Lettering, " WWW ", Arrow Left, A. L., Horizontal,
HOR, Stitched Left Top Part Of Banner, Loin Cloth, Arm Band, and Stripes & Details In Hair Roach. Blue, BLU, Horizontal,
HOR, Stitched Right Top Part Of Banner. Black, BLK, Lettering, " Ketchikeniqua Lodge 238 ", Outlines & Details On Turtle,
and Indian Brave. Orange, ORG, Yellow, YEL, and Light Orange, LOR, Sun In Left Sky. Khaki, KHA, Lettering, " OA ", In
The Top Banner, Line Between Banner and Bottom Flap, Bank Of River or Lake, & Trails To Tipis, and Fleur de Leis,

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