1/24 Franklin Mint Yellow 2002 Corvette Indy League Pace Corvette LE of 267/ 500

1/24 Franklin Mint Yellow 2002 Corvette Indy League Corvette Limited Edition of 267/500

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Review of model;

"Diecast Reproductions, Inc. has once again brought us an outstanding example of Corvette history in Mint replication form. You will recall Tony as the force behind the amazing Apollo 12 1969 Corvette, the very limited and highly coveted Carroll Shelby-autographed Cobras and Mustangs, the incredible 2000 Corvette Platinum Power and Corvette Festival cars, among others. He’s now commissioned the Franklin Mint to perform another graphics miracle on a 2002 Millennium Yellow beauty transforming an already nice car into a gorgeous Indy League Pace Car.

Just wait until you see this meticulous transformation in person. Keep in mind though; there are only 500 of them to be sold! The car looks as if it traversed the course, setting the hot lap and ran into a white and black checkered flag. Forming a “V” for victory, it engulfs the front end of the Corvette and wraps, delicately, around the front sides and bottom doors of the automobile. TFM made the paint seamless, bright and glossy. The C5 logo is emblazoned on the front edge of the nose and hood of the car and it flows swiftly rearward in a draping effect. The graphics continue as we read, Pace Car, Indy Racing League” on the doors, the windshield
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