24 GN Great Northern Track, Building & Locomotive Plans

's a nice set of twenty-four (24) different plans for the old Great Northern Railway. Most of these are newer black & white plans but a few are older style blueprints. They are all folded and will be shipped in a flat package. Quality and clarity overall is outstanding. We picked out 24 different plans that we thought a GN fan would be happy to have in his collection of railroad data. Each plan, when unfolded, is roughly 2 feet tall by about 3 feet long. Some are slightly smaller while others are considerably larger. The largest plan is 5-6 feet long when unfolded. We have included plans of buildings, a snowplow, diesels from EMD, and many of their terminal yards and roundhouses. 's what you get. We only have ONE (1) set of these plans available so if you have a GN fan on your holiday list this year please buy this set of plans now to avoid disappointment down the road. Great Northern at Kelly Lake MN yard plan Great Northern at Grand Forks ND yard and roundhosue plan Great Northern at Appleyard WA yard and engine terminal plan Great Northern at Superior WI Shops Belknap St to Winter Street Great Northern at Coon Creek MN Interlocking Tower Building Great Northern at Superior WI 1917 version Shops & Roundhouse Great Northern at St Paul Jackson Street Shops Door & Windows Great Northern at St Paul Jackson Street Shops ... read more