24.8 GR Gold bar melted drop scrap computer pins, gold PM recovery ceramic cpu

Up for auction is 1 gold bar melted drop scrap computer pins, gold PM recovery ceramic cpu.

All bars are polished and are a bright gold color. The weight is posted in the picture.

Please read our feedback and see that everyone has been very happy with our bars.

Buyers in the past have made jewelry out of our bars and some buy to recover the gold from the bars.

Some buyers buy as an investment. What you see in the picture is what your bidding on so you be the judge

and buy it for any reason you want it. Thanks for looking and ask any questions before you bid.

Have a nice day.

We want you to be 100% completely satisfied with your purchase

. Please know these facts before bidding

so that you as a consumer & we as an honest seller think you deserve to know:

we can not guarantee

any specific amount of gold in this piece, we are not jewelers or refiners.

this is not karat gold

, or solid gold, and technically cant be called "gold" (under 10K)

even the very highest quality gold plated material still has under 5-7% net gold content.

this item will FAIL all acid tests for gold 10K-22k. (25-91.6% gold)

this will FAIL electronic tests since these tests generally read "not gold" for items under 6 to 10 karat. (25-41% gold)

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