24 Lg Fossil Teeth, Phytosaur, Triassic Age, New Mexico

This is an excellent group of 24 larger fossil teeth found in the "dawn of the dinosaurs" sediments in eastern New Mexico! They are from a large reptile, a Phytosaur, that resembled a crocodile, but was actually closer to dinosaurian in it's anatomy! This was one of the dominant creatures of the upper Triassic. The largest tooth measures a bit under 1 1/8" in length & anterior & posterior teeth are included. All of these teeth are good quality, some with minor flaws as found. This should be a very useful group of specimens, great for comparative study or a collection. They were found in Upper Triassic age deposits (Norian age), in the Bull Canyon Formation in San Miguel County, New Mexico on private ranchland that is now closed to collecting. T is a very low opening bid & no reserve. Good luck on this listing!!!