1/24 Marui Tilt FERRARI 365 GT - Cannonball Run

1/24 scale Marui Tilt # MT-82-CB5, FERRARI 365 GT - Special ''Cannonball Run'' FilmEdition black plastic model kit. Still factory sealed parts bags inside open box. Box has minor shelf-wear - but near perfect. Marui / Tilt Models Series of Film Edition Car Specials - THIS ONE HAS STAR Jackie Chan AT THE WHEEL being pursued. Many features and working parts.

''FERRARI 365 GT featured in ''The Cannonball Run'' Movie, 1981''
For you or if you want to be a modeler's parent. Feel Free to ask ANY questions. This will be properly & carefully boxed to mail to the lucky winner of this auction. Shipping only to the 48 C O N U S United States. Please allow 5 days from when I receive your payment to when I ship your order. I expect payment now, at the buy-it-now completion. Sold 'As-Is'. You can reach me for questions at my email :