24x24x2" Thick Studio Acoustic Soundproofing Wedge Foam

You Are Bidding on New Acoustic Foam:

Kit includes (Covers 48 Square Feet):

(12 ) With your choice of wedge or pyramid t iles 24" x 24" x 2" Thick

(8) Corner blocks 24" Long x 2-1/2" wide x 2-1/2" thick

(1) Can of Glue 12 oz. spray adhesive

"The winning bidder will receive a FREE gift to complement the acoustic kit"

2” Foam Tiles: Recommended to s uccessfully calm down full- frequency waves and echoes, in normal size rooms. Best use in recording studio.

Corner Blocks: This corner block is recommended to absorb low frequency sounds noise, prevent unwanted sound reflections and improve listening condition.

FEATURES: Make you room look amazing. It’s easy, and lightweight so that it can be quickly installed and look good at the same time. With this kit you do not have to cover the whole wall with acoustic tiles. You can group pieces together or separate the pieces, which will soundproof your room.

High Frequency Noise Control: Contact us by Email or call

MATERIAL: 2 lb Density Flame-retardant open-cell/Urethane-Ether Foam

APPLICATIONS: R esidential, Commercial, and Industrial

Flammability : MVSS 302 Flame Tests, Flame-Retardant.
COLOR: Charcoal, The wining bidder has the option of choosing another c olored foam is 15% more
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