25' X 10' Nylon Poultry Netting 1" - #208

This is a 25' long and 10' deep piece of 1" nylon poultry netting. Netting is #208. This is commercial nylon netting. Great for poultry of all kinds. Chickens, baby chicks, quail, pheasants, turkeys, ducks and much more.

This netting will also work for a barrier net for lighter sports. This is not an impact net for sports. It will work great for keeping you balls from going in the lake or creek and keeping your child's ball from going into the neighbors yard.

This net will stop your golf ball, soccer ball, softball or baseball, etc. at a long range! This is not an impact net!

Net is white in color but can easily be dyed in your washing machine with Rit dye.

This net is real commercial nylon netting. It is made of nylon and will last a long time. Nylon does not rot.