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From the Walt Disney Classics Collection . . .

Triton's Castle Ornament

The Walt Disney Classics Collection item number for this ornament is 1204385 .

The annual production mark for this piece is

the Butterfly from Walt Disney's Bambi

signifying production in the year 2001.

The carton for this ornament bears

the Magic Feather from Walt Disney's Dumbo.

One of our knowledgable guests has advised us that both

the Sultan's Palace and Triton's Castle ornaments

were shipped in cartons bearing the Magic Feather

regardless of the actual production mark.

This ornament stands three and one half (3.5) inches tall.

It is part of the Walt Disney Classics Collection Enchanted Places series .

It is the fifth of six releases in the Enchanted Castles collection.

Triton's Castle is the most fragile of the six castles in the collection

The towers of the castle and the bands that connect them are extremely delicate.

The ornament should not be handled by the towers or the bands as they are easily damaged.

The ornament may be displayed hanging or standing.

The hanging cord may be removed
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