25 Pound Lot! Broken, Tangled, Junk Repair Jewelry HUGE

May God Bless everyone. No exceptions

Offered for your consideration is this large Priority Mail Flat Rate box full of broken, tangled, repair-craft costume jewelry. Now, some pieces are in A-OK shape. For example, many brooches that would serve you well in a flea market or garage sale setting. Chains, brooches, a few rings, and just heaps and piles of stuff for you to fuss with and sort! Some of this is vintage, some is retro (1980s). I would say that 80% of this is vintage.

There are not any Madi Gras beads. I pitch those before I get into the house! I also pitch key chains, magnets and Happy Meal toys. I try to not incude any rosaries or religous medals, as they may be Sacramentals. There are very, very few (IF ANY) shells (unless single earrings or brooches) in here. Given the sheer amount of pieces that I handle on a weekly basis, I can't begin to fix every piece that catches my eye. Everytime I think I know what folks desire, I am proven wrong. So, I assume nothing and throw everything in these lots.

I am not a gold scrap dealer. I do not run into a lot of gold. This is not a scrap gold treasure hunt. This is a junk hunt for those of us who are junkers at heart. You could find some UNMARKED Sterling scraps in here. If something isn't marked Sterling, I can't scrap it.

As with all of my repair
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