25 Pounds Aurora Dirt Loaded with Fossils Unsearched

This is 25 pounds of a nice load of Fossil bearing Soil from Aurora, NC. It is loaded with fossil shark teeth, ray bite plates, porpoise bits, whale bone bits, coral, shells of all types,etc. This stuff is from a rich miocene era layer in the area. It is from the Yorktown and Pungo formation in the east coast. You will find good stuff! It was dug in april and the proceeds go to my trip expenses. The more I find, the more I get to share! This was not searched, I simply shoveled some silt into a bucket as I finished my collecting day, every handfull of this stuff has something neat in it. you get to see it before anyone else! Shipping charge is flat rate priority mail to save you some money. No fees added.Think of it as a cheap field trip to the fossil beds of the east coast!