250,000 Iraqi Dinars, New. Great investment.

Iraqi Dinar – Printed by De La Rue and adding in modern anti-forgery techniques

The New Iraqi dinars, also known as the "Post - Saddam" dinars, were printed in England by the Hampshire-based Company "De La Rue", in six denominations: 50 Dinars, 250 Dinars, 1000 Dinars, 5000 Dinars, 10,000 Dinars, and 25,000 Dinars. They were issued on October 15th 2003, and as of January 15th 2004, they represent the official "one version" currency of Iraq. In November of 2004 the new 500 dinar note was issued by the Central Bank of Iraq to facilitate market transactions. The banknotes are beautiful and of "Swiss" quality with many security features rendering them very hard to counterfeit. See pictures below.

The updated currency has been revalued from as low as 4000 dinar per U.S. dollar to as high as 980 dinars per dollar. This wild swing is what speculators are looking to cash in on. Once the market opens up for the Iraqi currency, the exchange rate, much like that for the Chinese yuan, might explode higher

The Attractive Investment

Why has the dinar become so popular? It's the simple fact that many of us remember when the Kuwait dinar declined to a valuation of 10 US cents after the invasion by Iraq. However, since January 5, 2003, the previous weighted currency basket peg was switched to a higher valuation of
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