250 Old Full Date Buffalo Nickels -- Around 70% are Mintmarked Coins !

This is a medium size lot of 250 full date old buffalo nickels -- Over 6 full $2 rolls === $12.50 in "face" value! These were minted during the 1913 to 1938 time frame. These are all full date coins.....4 digits of the date showing. A random sample of 50 coins showed 37 to be mintmarked, so statistically this group should contain about 74% mintmarked coins. Great coins for a beginning collector or for a flea market seller!

The coins in the scans are the exact coins you will receive --- I do not use "stock" photos in any of my listings! None are "culls" (dark, holed or pitted) or have restored (acid treated) dates. These are also great for promotional handouts, advertising and flea market sellers! Just nice, clean, full date buffalo nickels.

I can guarantee that somewhere, sometime these coins have been searched. "Unsearched" and old coins that are "Bank Wrapped" are the biggest lies in the coin business and on eBay. The coins pictured are the actual coins you will receive... no "stock" photos here .... what you see is what you get!

Packaging materials/postage/handling is $4.95 by Priority Mail Flat Rate Box with USPS Delivery Confirmation included. Your Delivery Confirmation number will be emailed to you BEFORE your item is shipped! "Feedback" is left the day your item IS shipped! Additional items won on the
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