25000 stamps of the world in tidy bundles of 100, 250 bundles x 100 bundleware

PLEASE NOTE THE PICTURE IS FOR ILLUSTRATION PURPOSES ONLY . While some of the content may be similar I make my lots up random from my total stock.

If you want to buy a smaller lot I also have advertised lots with just 5000 elsewhere on my ebay advert.

This lot is for 250 bundles of 100 of stamps of the world. all in tidy bundles of 100 mostly used and the majority being definitives but also includes various commemoratives so a worthwile mixture.

the 250 bundles will not all be different and as this is bundleware each bundle of 100 stamps is mostly identical.

25000 stamps in total WOOOOOOOOW

Buy it now from just £ 39.99

UK postage is £ 7.00 and I will send this parcel anywhere in europe for £ 10 or rest of the world for just £ 19.00