260 lb. Hay-Budden Blacksmith Anvil

Up for bid is Hay-Budden anvil manufactured in Brooklynn, New York, by the Hay-Budden Manufacturing Co. (James Hay and Frederick C. Budden). They supposedly began operation in 1890 and went out of business in the era of 1920 to 1925. In 1905, Hay-Budden claimed that t were over 100,000 of their anvils in use. Every Hay-Budden anvil is made of the best American Wrought iron and faced with the best Crucible Cast Steel. Top and bottom are each one solid piece and welded at the waist. The steel faces to these anvils are all put on in one solid piece: not two or more pieces, as is customary with most anvils ...they produced a steel for the faces of their anvils which took a harder temper and was less liable to chip than any on the market ... and the blacksmith who wants a strictly first-class anvil can make no mistake in purchasing a Hay-Budden.

Hay-Buddens are considered to be among the best anvils ever made in the U.S.

Overall length is 30 inches, heighth is 13 inches. Base measures 11 inches by 12 inches. Face is 18 1/2 inches long by 5 inches wide. Has a 1 1/4 inch hardy hole and a pritchel hole that is approximately 11/16 inches. Unable to read serial number due to rust. I weighed this on bathroom scales, weight is 260 pounds.

White substance on anvil is flour used for highlighting manufacturer's name.
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