26x Rare Dragon lot Planar Chaos Magic MTG Ancient Bogardan Hellkite Flameblast

This auction: 26 rare dragons from various sets. Most are at least NM- condition
1x Intet the Dreamer 1x Vorosh the Hunter 1x Numot the Devastator 1x Crosis, the Purger 2x Ancient Hellkite *1x FOIL* 1x Knollspine 2x Kilnmouth (1x DD and 1x Legions) 1x Flameblast 1x Shivan Hellkite 1x Mordant 3x Hoard-Smelter 1x Voracious 1x Hoarding 1x Bogardan Hellkite 1x Furyborn Hellkite 1x Rakdos Pit (EX+) 1x Predator 1x Imperial Helkite 1x Hellkite Charger 1x Furnace Dragon 1x Hellkite Igniter 2x Moltensteel 1x Rorix Bladewing
The Fine Print (for singles auctions without a BIN option)
Buy *EXACTLY* 5 cards from me (from at least two auctions) and get free shipping. I ship in groups of 1-5 cards to keep the protection of the card(s) at an optimum level.
I want to offer the best shipping prices as possible while making sure to pack as securely and safely at the same time. All cards will be shipped between 2 cardboard slabs in a regular envelope using first class mail
So, to recap:
1 card: $1.00 2 cards: $1.50 3 cards: $2.00 4 cards $2.50 5 cards: free
And thats it...so if you want to buy 6 cards, its $1.00 (free + $1.00 for the next batch) , 7 cards is $1.50 and so on. Exactly 10 cards will of course also be free, but over 10 cards (even if you want 11 cards -- no exceptions), please contact me for a quote
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